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Custom Portenzo Kindle Fire Cases

Updated 2/26/12: Now with hands-on pics and thoughts! The world of book-bindery Kindle Fire cases is slowly heating up as manufacturers ramp up production. Classic favorites DODOcase, and Pad and Quill are met in the ring by a relative newcomer Portenzo. Portenzo isn’t content to just mimic though, oh no. They come out swinging and hope to knock you down with a one-two punch of quality and style, then make sure you won’t be getting up with an uppercut of customizability. Read on for our thoughts on the recently unveiled U.S. made Portenzo Kindle Fire case… (more…)

Colorful CaseCrown Bold Standby Cases

One of the most popular Kindle Fire cases on Amazon right now is the CaseCrown Bold Standy Case. It’s a great looking case that comes in 7 different colors! Its simple but classy design makes it a great buy, and it’s bright and bold colors make it really stand out from the pack. If you are trying to find a kindle fire case that matches your wardrobe, style, and comes in your favorite color then you’ll probably want to take a look at this colorful bestselling accessory! (more…)

Top 5 Leather Kindle Fire Cases

A leather jacket can do wonders for almost anybody. It makes the ordinary look slick, professional, and James Deany. The Kindle Fire of course needs no classing up on its own, but (and let’s be honest here) one of the joys of owning a high tech gadget is dressing it up! There are a good number of leather kindle fire cases coming out on the market now, and we’ve narrowed down our list of the top 5 best and coolest leather cases for the Kindle available. Check out our top picks inside! (more…)

DODOcase for Kindle Fire

DODO does it again with the always delightful, always discreet DODOcase, this time for the Kindle Fire.  Curling up by the fire with your favorite book is one of the greatest pleasures in life, a feeling that most electronic devices just can’t deliver.  The DoDocase puts that warm ambiance back into reading with a book-style cover that fits the contours of your Kindle.  DODOcase does it right, taking into consideration every minor detail so that your Kindle can have a long secure existence.   Take a look at the specs and different customization options for the DODOcase for Kindle Fire in our review inside. (more…)

Squaretrade Warranty for Kindle Fire

The tears start flowing from your eyes before your precious Kindle Fire even hits the ground, because you know the oncoming catastrophe of damage and harm to your device.  Stop the waterworks and check out the perfect solution now available for purchase on Amazon.  Protect your Kindle and the money you have invested with the Squaretrade two year Warranty.  This is definitely not a minimum coverage option!  Check out all of the features that this warranty encompasses and the requirements in our review inside… (more…)

Kindle Fire Cases by Vera Bradley

The Kindle Fire is the most recently released Kindle. It is the Mercedes Benz of the Kindle line at this time with its multi-touch display and seven inch full color screen. Its Wi-Fi is accessible in any hotspot and its powerful, fast dual-core processor make this a must-have for anyone on the go or even the couch potato. This Kindle is not just an E-Reader but much, much more. Movies, games, music, hundreds of applications and an accelerated internet browser make this nearly equivalent, if not better, than any tablet computer available. At seven inches, this is much easier to transport in a purse or briefcase. When you have a gem like the Kindle Fire, it must be protected in equally classy style. Vera Bradley Kindle Fire Cases are the perfect answer… (more…)

The Best Black Kindle Fire Cases

If you own a Kindle Fire, keep your tablet protected with the right accessories. Black Kindle Fire cases are designed to protect the screen of your Fire from the outside world and they can even add to the user experience. There are a number of different types of Kindle Fire cases available that will suit your needs and match your personal sense of style. Fire cases are specially designed to hold the Kindle Fire so you never have to worry about sizing. Compare the features of each of the following cases so you can make the right choice. (more…)

Top 5 Blue Kindle Fire Cases

If you are looking for a place that sells Blue Kindle Fire Cases for your Kindle Fire tablet, then the best place to buy one is right here. You will find a whole range of covers and cases that offer your device total protection. The well-designed cases are also easy to carry. You can find out more about the cover cases you are interested in by reading the customer reviews and the technical descriptions provided. All that you want to know before placing your order, including the price, is available. Online ordering is easy and the cases you order will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time and in perfect condition. (more…)

Top 5 Brown Kindle Fire Cases

Brown Kindle Fire Cases provide good protection to your expensive tablets. The latest Kindle Fire from Amazon is a sleek, highly portable device with a seven-inch screen. Even though it is very portable, it needs quite a bit of protection, when you carry it around. The screen and body of this device can be easily scratched when you carry it with your other stuff in a bag. Secondly, there will be occasional bumps and small impacts, which can cause damage to the inside mechanism. The brown Kindle Fire case is an excellent accessory to keep your costly tablet safe and secure. (more…)

Hot Red Kindle Fire Cases

There can be no doubt of the fact that the Kindle Fire is the electronic accessory of the decade. Bookworms and news fanatics cannot possibly deny the usefulness of this e-book reader. Sleek and sophisticated, and filled to the brim with nifty technologically advanced features, any owner of this little gem probably feels naked leaving home without it. Of course, who could blame them? With the ability to store hundreds of books and connect directly to news sites, this is quite literally a “pocket library”. Protecting these beauties is of the utmost importance. Shopping around for red Kindle Fire cases should be a little easier with the following reviews at hand. (more…)

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